Phase 2: Detox, Nausea, Rashes, Break-Outs, Illness, Sick




  • Katafoya
    I'm feeling the same flulike symptoms and it's puzzling me since I never get the flu! I've missed days of work, dizzy, nauseous, etc. for about a week now :( helps knowing a possible explanation. Im also part of the small % of people who are still regularly hungry, this group sucks lol no fun. I'm on day 25 of my first round, phase 2. It didn't hit me until now, not my first week (only nausea and severe hunger then). Thanks!
  • Sue Miller

    There is also a theory that women can "mimick" symptoms they had when pregnant.    I am sorry you have been dealing with hunger.  I am wondering if you tried taking Potassium and Glucommanan?

    Both seem to help with hunger issues.

  • Katafoya
    My mom (about finished with 3b, her first round) also said the same. Only, I do not have children :) I an taking L-Glutamine and that helps tremendously with the hunger/cravings and energy. I will look into the two you mentioned as well. I've just been touching it out, first timer and all, but will definitely need a better approach for future rounds. Thank you!
  • Sue Miller

    Does not matter if you have had children or is pregancy-like symptoms.

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