Phase 2-Products-Allowed Cosmetics




  • Moshe Levy

    thank you very much:)

  • Liz Hylton

    I got Larenim which is Mineral spelled backwards lip gloss it that ok?

  • Liz Hylton
    Can I use PAM SPRAY
  • Sue Miller

    No I am sorry but Pam Spray has additives we need to avoid and has an oil base product.  

    What we recommend is using Bragg's Liquid Aminos.  It has a slight soy sauce flavor.  If you are using a Foreman Grill or baking we recommend using parchment paper.  It does not burn and if you make a packet it keeps your protein nice and juicy.

  • 3lazyg

    What about mosquito repellent? Which is safe? Just started a new round and west nile virus is a huge problem down here. I live on a lake. Thanks!

  • Sue Miller

    You will have to take a close look at the label (which is a good rule at all times).   You want to avoid essential oils and anything with a strong smell.   Do not spray anything on your skin within 15 minute of spraying TrimYou - just to be safe

    The one I have found that has a milder scent and seems to be OK is Skintastic by Off as it is made with aloe which is one of the approved ingredients.

    Here is another link for you to read to help you figure out what to avoid:

  • 3lazyg

    Thanks! I should be ok. It's unscented OFF with Aloe. Does not feel oily and only lists alcohol and aloe as the only ingredients I would be concerned about, which I'm not. :)
    Who knew (After 7 rounds) about strong smells?! Not me! I thought I knew almost everything.
    It's also weird that it signed me in as someone other than who I am on the website/support group thingy.
    I haven't been on here much in a few years....back since the MFC days.  

  • Sue Miller

    As long as you got your answer I guess we are good to go.  Welcome back.

  • Sue Miller
    Here is what our link about organic oils says: Many have been asking what kinds of products they can use....... What should they not use...... What to look out for....... It is really pretty simple - if anything you want to use on your skin or hair has organic oils - essentials oils in it - DON'T USE IT! You do have to learn how to read the labels. What is an organic oil? Organic is something that grows - plants, trees, bushes, fish, animals etc. Examples: Vitamin E? Can't use it. Omega 3's? Nope. Mint? Nope. Tea tree oil? Nope. Lavender? Nope. Citrus oil? Nope. The other thing is strong smells. Those will mess with the spray too. Menthol? Can't use it either. Aroma therapy? Nope. Eucalyptus? Nope. And lastly - herbal remedies. Many herbal remedies interfere with hhCG spray, so please do not use them while on this protocol. Anything made with a petroleum product is NOT an organic oil - ie: mineral oil, baby oil, Vaseline. These are all OK!
  • Kathy Cossel

    I am allergic to many food items and one of them being "soy".  I have Coconut Secret coconut aminos.  May I use that?

  • Sue Miller
    I am sorry Kathy, but no. The reason we can use Bragg's Liquid Aminos is because it has 0 calories and 0 fat and no sugar. Coconut Secret has 5 calories per serving and 1 g of sugar. May I suggest cooking with lemon juice and water or looking into using parchment paper. You make a little packet and bake your protein and veggie. It comes out nice and moist.

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