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Phase 2-Hypoglycemia-Low Blood Sugar


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  • Amy Conger

    Here are some tips I think can help hypoglycemics on this program.

    1. You may wish to avoid stevia. For some sensitive people, stevia can increase insulin function. For someone prone to low blood sugar levels or rapid dips in blood sugar, this can mean that when you take stevia it can send you into mad cravings and other hypoglycemic symptoms. People with hypoglycemia should observe themselves carefully after using stevia or avoid it altogether
    I have had personal experience with this and it's awful. Here is a good run down on the issue:

    2. Rooibos tea can also lower blood sugar. It's more likely to do so with long-term use, but can affect a hypoglycemic person in the short-term as well, causing cravings and other symptoms. The pinitol it contains, an alcohol sugar, can lower blood glucose levels.
    The effect is more subtle in me, but sends one of my friends into a mad tizzy. So be mindful. Some say Tulsi tea does the same thing, and maybe should be avoided.

    3. Glucomannan may help. Glucomannan (aka konjac, konyakku, miracle noodles) is shown to moderate blood sugar levels in post-prandial hypoglycemics (crashing after you eat). Some take a few mg of powder before eating, some eat it with a meal.

    4. The amino acid l-Glutamine can help to level out blood sugar levels and prevent rapid dips. Taking 1000mg upon rising in the morning and going to bed at night, and before eating a meal. It prevents the excessive insulin action that lowers blood sugar to harmful levels. I swear by this stuff.


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