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TOM - Time of the Month (Women Only)

Rob Schweitzer
posted this on March 30, 2011, 11:21

TOM = Time of Month  (Menstruation) 



Can I start the Protocol on TOM?


Since women tend to retain water during TOM you may not have the results you want to see the first week on the protocol if you have started your TOM.  Do not sabotage the first week by starting now.


However, you could consider starting Phase 1 the last few days of your period to take full advantage of your cravings to load well.  

(Remember to have some healthy fats, too)


Do I still spray during TOM?


Yes.  With the homeopathic version of HCG you may still spray during TOM.  As long as you follow the protocol you will continue to shed once your period is over.


My cycle changed.  Is this normal?


Your cycle may end up being off while on the protocol.   Earlier, later, more often or even skipping a period are all possible.


I missed my period, could I be pregnant?


First let’s make this clear - HCG can’t make you pregnant nor will it show up as a false positive on a test.   If you are not on birth control you could be pregnant.   We recommend getting a pregnancy test if you are not sure.


IF YOU ARE/GET PREGNANT:  You need to STOP the protocol immediately and start eating for your baby.  It not the time to be on a Very Low Calorie Diet while developing a fetus.


If you are sure you are not pregnant your TOM will come eventually.  As stated earlier your cycle can change and some women even skip a period.   Have you been eating the full 500 calories?   If you have not been eating the full 500 calorie diet in an attempt to improve the protocol this can result in a missed period.  


I have gained.  Is this just water weight?


Due to changes in your hormones during TOM you may retain water.  This, of course, can show up on the scale.    You most likely will continue to burn fat if you stay true to the Protocol and will start shedding pounds once your period is over.  But water weighs A LOT, so don't be alarmed if you show a gain on the scale during TOM.  


I am cramping.  Is there something I can take?


If you normally take an OTC medication it may be fine but check the label to avoid any with a sugar coating.   Another natural option is Raspberry Leaf Tincture.  (See the Knowledge Base article). 


Help!  I am having cravings.


Of course the best solution is to get away from the food.   Go take a short walk to get your endocrine system moving.


However for those overwhelming cravings and hunger increase your use of sea salt and consider having a Sea Salt Cocktail (see the Knowledge Base article) when you become really hungry.   


As you may have read in the Cravings blog (see the Knowledge Base article), in most cases cravings for sweets is really a need for protein.  If you are struggling with your cravings and are on the verge of cheating you may have an additional 100 to 150 grams of protein.  It is much better to add items from the approved food list than give into a craving. During TOM you may want to also add red meat and spinach.  You are in need of iron and the nutrients these foods will give you.


Can I still lose weight during TOM?


Most of your weight gain during TOM is actually water retention.  In most cases, fat will be burned during TOM as long as you can avoid giving in to your cravings.   You should keep drinking your water to flush out fat and toxins. Try not to stress during TOM. Any gains or stalls are temporary.


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